The right content is only half the story

An event, a congress, a conference, a staff meeting – they all come to life with the right content, but there’s more to it than that. As with music and ballet, the accompanying choreography, tempo, rhythm and framework are just as important.

For people interested in the subject of moderation, Maren Lehky offers the following services:

  • Design of workshops and conferences – if necessary, also by hiring an event agency

  • Advice on finding the right media and communications mix: whether using presentations, films, testimonials, podium discussions or interactive exercises, there should be no reason to get bored

  • Moderation of individual components and/or of the entire event together with brief inputs and connecting contributions for the various presentations

  • Moderation of Q&A sessions and interactive elements

  • Drawing up the schedule and managing the details in the background – together with the location and agency, if present

  • And before the event: from drafting the speeches, to training the individual speakers, right through to the final rehearsal, depending on the event

The atmosphere that people say Maren Lehky creates is light-hearted and congenial, with a strict time management, smooth procedure and plenty of energy for all involved.