From letting go to starting again

People’s CVs are getting more and more colourful these days. Shorter job tenures and gaps between jobs are no longer the exception, even for top managers, and are certainly no reason to doubt oneself. Termination agreements are presented to ever more managers, including the most successful ones, and often without any discernible reasons. To ensure that the future remains bright, it makes good sense to come to terms with such occurrences and not to walk blindly into the next round of applications. This is where we come in so that you can benefit from over 30 years of HR and top management experience with Maren Lehky. The steps involved in working together include:

  • Negotiating the termination agreement: which conditions are important to you, what is realistic and how can you achieve your negotiation objectives?

  • How do you deal with the initial shock and subsequent emotions so that you can learn your lesson and start again?

  • Categorising the causes: how did it happen and is it possible to change anything so that it won’t happen again?

  • Who am I, what am I capable of, what makes me special and what do I need and want in future? These are the questions that we will seek to answer. A test will round off your skills profile.

  • Paths to a new job and updating your application documents.

  • Supporting the new start, not only to complete the trial period successfully but also to become properly established.

Outplacement and new placement are specific contents of the coaching. With Maren Lehky and her team, you will have specialists at your side who will work closely with you and your needs in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, without forcing you to conform to standard procedures. After all, every situation is different.