Speaking by appointment

Maren Lehky holds lectures and presentations on the topics of leadership, communication and change management. They may be based on topics from her books or on a topic chosen by you. The style of Maren Lehky’s presentations can be described as pragmatic, benefit-oriented and, at the same time, entertaining and vivid.

Target groups for presentations:

Entrepreneurs, top managers and others in management positions; members of associations, conference participants of trade events, fairs, events organised by the chamber of industry and commerce etc.

Presentation topics include:

Leadership 2.0 – dealing with BlackBerry, burnout and others

The world of work is changing at breakneck speed. Temporary work, demographic changes, BlackBerry, burnout, constant change and the generation of digital natives are just some of the keywords that shape work today and will continue to do so in the future. We are now at the threshold of a transition of our values and behaviour patterns. This also applies to leadership and HR work. Maren Lehky has devoted her tenth book to this complex topic and, with this presentation, she allows us to immerse ourselves deeply and movingly into the “brave new world of work”. Naturally, she is able to offer some pragmatic strategies for dealing with major challenges. The whole thing is prepared in the style you are accustomed to with Maren Lehky: practical, straight to the point, in a figurative language and with plenty of entertainment.



Generation Y versus baby-boomers – understanding and motivating different generations

Today, as many as four different generations can be found working together under a single roof. People born after 1980 behave differently, and this can be felt by teams and bosses at work. Different values and expectations, new skills and the disappearance of things previously taken for granted create challenges when working together and can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. In this presentation, Maren Lehky uses a wide range of practical examples to show how these differences express themselves, what forces have shaped and characterised the respective generations, and how leaders and colleagues can deal with the new challenge.

This presentation is educational, entertaining and offers plenty of revealing moments and practical tips for working together constructively so that everyone benefits in the end.



The power of resilience – staying strong through times of stress and change

The introduction of new media brought the greatest change in working life since the invention of the conveyor belt. We communicate around the clock, race from topic to topic, from meeting to meeting, and one change is quickly followed by the next. How do we keep mentally sane and not lose ourselves in the rat race?

What helps us to keep our get back our joy of living? And how do we manage to put all our good intentions into practise?

The whole thing is prepared in the style you are accustomed to with Maren Lehky: practical, straight to the point, in a figurative language and with plenty of entertainment. She offers a set of tools that help the audience to manage their own issues.




Women in leadership - success strategies on the way to the top

The success of women is closely connected to their own attitudes and feelings about having a career. Values and dealing with status are just as specially developed as the ability to market themselves or to clearly formulate expectations. Other typical characteristics include dealing with bosses and recognizing how power structures work. Maren Lehky draws on her extensive experience, as she also worked for many years in the top management of international companies and today offers consulting services to the management of well-known companies – she therefore knows exactly what she’s talking about. The presentation is rounded off with a wide range of practical examples and real-life cases, while concrete strategies provide the necessary stimulation for success. As always with Maren Lehky, the whole thing is delivered in a figurative language together with a healthy dose of humour.




Leading successfully through tough times - five special challenges

In times of change, restructuring and crisis, leaders are called upon to act as the captain of the ship and guide their company through the storm, giving staff the feeling that they can rely on them. Living up to staff expectations while simultaneously maintaining the right energy balance is one of the big challenges that managers have to deal with today. This presentation focuses on pragmatic approaches to finding solutions, on how managers can give people a sense of orientation, show their presence, manage emotions and finally lead people successfully through the change process. The whole thing is prepared in the style you are accustomed to with Maren Lehky: practical, straight to the point, in a figurative language and with plenty of entertainment.





The 10 biggest leadership mistakes and how to avoid them

Following on from her successful book of the same title, Maren Lehky uses this presentation to colourfully highlight the 10 biggest mistakes that leaders should try to avoid if they wish to motivate their employees, increase productivity, ensure that their best staff don’t leave and achieve a good degree of success for themselves. Whether audiences are experienced leaders or are new to the role or are not even in a leadership position – there is plenty of material for everyone to think about and some people have managed to recognize themselves or their own boss in the descriptions they hear. This presentation includes examples from real life that touch people and make them reflect on their own experiences, while remaining entertaining and amusing. People leave the presentation with deeper insights, good intentions and new ideas to try out.





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